Focusing on the requirements for the Grammar schools in Halifax, Bacup and Rawtenstall, and Bradford, we offer a series of lessons designed to explore and solve the types of question that are typically asked during the 11 Plus exam. This method of study provides the student with an opportunity to: understand how the questions are constructed, show their understanding by forming examples of their own and attempt to correctly answer practice papers.

Verbal reasoning, Maths, Creative Writing and English Comprehension form the core focus of the sessions, with the students working in small groups to make the learning more fun and challenging. Access to BOFA and IXL is included as a means of setting homework and enabling the students every opportunity to improve their maths ability. Speed and fluency in the basic mathematical operations are the keys to success in the exam.

Similarly, a proper focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar forms the bedrock of any success in the English exam, as does plenty of practise in writing stories and in logical reasoning. Verbal reasoning papers differ significantly from comprehension papers and additional support is also offered in the task of creative writing.

The goal of tuition for the 11 Plus is the attainment of sufficient familiarity and confidence such that, on the day of the exam, the student can complete the papers with a strong belief that they will pass. Working in small groups and plenty of exam practice before the event will ensure that your child has a good chance of success.


£27 / 50-minute session

Summer School (Maximum 8 students) – £40 per 3hour session.