One-to-one and small group tuition for children and adults who would like additional help with English.

Gain a solid understanding of English language and Literature and the communication skills that will help in every career.

Calder Valley Tutors provides expert tuition in English to primary and secondary age students. With a focus on writing skills, comprehension and analysis, and critical reading, we can help you to develop proficiency in the English language. We aim to help pupils master these crucial communication skills and ultimately to succeed at exams while also inspiring an appreciation of the English language that can remain a source of enjoyment for the pupil’s whole life.

When students are frustrated or not fully engaged by classroom teaching the personal attention that a private tutor provides can help them to better appreciate the subject.

Tuition can be one-to-one or can take place in a small group environment of no more than four other pupils. This style of tuition has several advantages over individual and large group delivery: pupils often develop more quickly when taught this way; the confidence gained within the small group is more readily carried through to the large group situation of the school room; learners feel less pressure; and they are able to work through challenging questions without a sense of direct and impinging scrutiny. Small group tuition is by far and away the best option for the majority of learners.


The major benefit of studying English is the improved ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Studying English also develops skills in:

  • independent working;
  • time management and organisation;
  • planning and researching written work;
  • articulating knowledge and understanding of texts, concepts and theories;
  • leading and participating in discussions;
  • negotiation and teamworking to present ideas and information;
  • effectively conveying arguments and opinions and thinking creatively;
  • using your judgement to weigh up alternative perspectives;
  • critical reasoning and analysis


1-2 students £25/hour

3-5 students £20/hour