Maths tuition is offered from primary to GCSE standard and is mapped to the National Curriculum.

Where a student is struggling in the subject and requires intervention, an initial assessment is conducted that will highlight the specific gaps in the student’s knowledge and provide a clear indication of the areas on which to focus. Lessons use a combination of guided learning and individual practice and include the use of learning software to enhance the student’s mastery of the subject.

Students who are progressing in maths in accord with the National Curriculum work on extension tasks, which aim to consolidate their learning, offer additional challenge and promote lateral thinking.

GCSE students improve most from reviewing past papers and then focusing on specific areas of difficulty. Having a tutor present to guide their progress ensures that they remain focused, fully understand the concepts and, ultimately, that they enter the exam room brimming with confidence.


Studying Maths helps you develop skills in:

  • analysing and interpreting data, finding patterns and drawing conclusions;
  • approaching problems in an analytical and rigorous way, formulating theories and applying them to solve problems;
  • dealing with abstract concepts;
  • presenting mathematical arguments and conclusions with accuracy and clarity;
  • advanced numeracy and analysing large quantities of data;
  • logical thinking.





1-2 students £25/hour

3-5 students £20/hour